NAME: Private Residence
PROJECT TYPE: New Construction
LOCATION: Livingston, New Jersey
SIZE: 4,600 SF
SERVICES: Programming, Procurement of Variances, and Architecture


The commission began as the renovation of an existing 2,300 square foot, 1950’s Ranch style residence; it turned out to be, except for a significant section of basement, a new 4,600 square foot structure. The Clients wanted a very livable home with all the “right” rooms – ample but cozy; elegant but unpretentious; private areas for every member of the family, and inviting rooms in which to share time; no wasted spaces; lots of closets; a place for everything; and a strong but unaffected curb presence. The successful outcome is the result of a close and dynamic collaboration between the Clients and Architects: in the Clients’ own words “their dream home,” the place where they love to come at the end of a hard day’s work or of one of countless business trips.

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