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21 July, 2017

NAME: Private Residence
PROJECT TYPE: Interior Architecture
LOCATION: Miami, Fla.
SIZE: 4,500 SF New
SERVICES: Interior Architecture, Selection of Finish Materials, Coordination of Clients’ Artwork and Furniture Placement


The Clients engaged us to design the interior architecture of their new home in Miami; the local architect they had hired to design the house had missed the mark and the plans did not meet their expectations. Construction was underway by the time we signed on to the project, and we had to work expeditiously to correct mistakes in the plans without causing disruption of the construction operations.
The exterior of the home had been approved by the local Architecture Review Board and we couldn’t alter it, so our involvement was limited to the interior and patio areas, including:

  • Rearranging rooms, plumbing fixtures and electrical components to enhance functionality and aesthetics;
  • Designing and implementing the main staircase;
  • Adding Architectural Elements throughout;
  • Redesigning all five Bathrooms, the indoor and outdoor Kitchens, Working Pantry, Laundry Room, and the Client’s Craft Room;
  • Developing the lighting plans;
  • Detailing all the millwork;
  • Handling all interior and exterior finish selections, including materials for floors and walls, hardware, railings, light fixtures and paint colors;
  • Coordinating the placement of the Clients’ furniture and artwork.

Working through the complexities of the project was a real challenge, but with a creative eye, effective communication with the Clients, and a great team of contractors and suppliers we turned the project into a great success.